Credit Interest Rates Decreased, Housing Sales Numbers Increased

Credit Interest Rates Decreased, Housing Sales Numbers Increased

Credit Interest Rates Decrease, Housing Sales Numbers Increase

As expected, the cuts made by banks for loan interest rates stimulated the housing sector. Citizens who have been waiting for a long time to buy housing moved to buy a house with interest rates falling.

The 0.99 mortgage loan campaign initiated by state-owned banks aroused great repercussions.

Following the reduction of interest rates for housing loans interest rates in private banks followed by public banks, the citizen was directed to purchase housing again.

Housing Loan Rates Fell, Citizen Started to Buy House!

Konya Chamber of Realtors Chairman Sedat Altinay made a statement on the issue of housing sales were reflected in the decline of interest rates, he said.most residential sales made in Turkey 7 of our city is evaluating the sale of houses in Konya Altınay "The State has taken important steps for the revival of the real estate sector. Lowering until the end of the year in land registration fees at the beginning of these steps, we had to reduce the stamp duty and VAT.

There was a vitality in these studies. However, the interest rate cut further boosted the housing market. Many people applied for loans to get housing. This revival was also an opportunity for many home buyers. It is time for both domestic and foreign citizens to invest in real estate. "

Demand for Housing Increases, House Prices May Rise at Any Time

Claiming that we are in the most appropriate period for real estate investment, Altınay called for citizens to buy a house and said, "Especially if there are citizens who will buy housing, they will continue to invest in real estate without losing any time with low interest rates.

Earthquake resistant, high living standards, safe and quality housing is being built in Konya. Square meters are also quite high. In other words, compared to Istanbul, Ankara or Izmir, our residences are almost 50 percent more square meters.

Konya is one of the provinces where investment is made. That is why the demand for housing both from abroad and from home is quite high ".