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Real estate valuation in Turkey: Goals and Details

The real estate appraisal law in Turkey came to preserve the rights of foreign investors when buying a property in Turkey. So what is the real estate evaluation? What is its purpose? What are... Read more

Credit Interest Rates Decreased, Housing Sales Numbers Increased

Credit Interest Rates Decrease, Housing Sales Numbers Increase As expected, the cuts made by banks for loan interest rates stimulated the housing sector. Citizens who have been waiting for a long... Read more

How to calculate Real Estate Return On Investment

How to calculate the Real Estate Return On Investment In Turkey Return on investment (ROI) is an accounting term which shows the percentage of invested money that’s recouped after the... Read more

choosing the best real estate consulting company!

How to choose the best real estate advisor / property consulting company? Since you have started to search for a real estate company that most properly going undergone a major change in your... Read more

Residence Permit in Turkey

The application process for a residence permit in Turkey is relevant to anyone who wants to stay in the country for more than 90 days at a time. This includes students, employees, foreigners... Read more

Easier than what you think!

The procedure for buying property in Turkey is so easy that it may be easier than those in your country Turkish law does not differentiate between property buyers if they are Turkish or foreign... Read more

Should you buy an Under-Construction or Ready-to-deliver (complete) property?

Should you buy an Under-Construction or Ready-to-Move (complete) Home? The Turkish real estate market, especially in Istanbul, offers a large number of new projects that contain properties under... Read more


With its prime location in Istanbul, along with the historic area of the city, Zeytinburnu is one of the most attractive areas for investors in the real estate sector. Zeytinburnu is an old... Read more


Şişli is one of the most fascinating historical areas in Istanbul located in the European part of the city. It has a famous mosque, the Şişli Mosque. It is one of 39 municipalities in the greater... Read more